Decorated with suitcases, cushioned booths, and handrails, Terminal 1 Cafe is designed to look like a retro train. Even their staff don costumes that resemble the train conductors! Located a short 10-minute cab ride away from the checkpoint, so it is further away from the usual cafe jaunts but still near enough to pay a visit.

Mushroom Soup With Puff Pastry

This was not the instant soup that many food places seem to pass off as home-made. Creamy and not too cloying,  the soup itself was well-seasoned and full of mushroom slices. The puff pastry set atop was a nice alternative to the usual bread. It still remained crunchy even after some time and was great for dipping into the soup.

Snacks Platter

The snacks platter, consisting of potato wedges, fried chicken, coleslaw and black pepper sausages, is good for sharing.

The potato wedges came straight from the fryer and were piping hot. The crispy skin gave way to a soft and fluffy interior. I loved that the wedges weren’t overly salty as well.

The chicken wings and drumsticks were the best part of the platter! The skin was crispy and yet not too oily, while the meat was tender and juicy. The slightly spicy sauce coating the wings was mildly spicy with just a tinge of sweetness, which made the chicken even more appetizing.

When compared to the chicken wings, the black pepper sausages were very average. The black pepper taste was prominent, and there was a good amount of it. I would prefer the onions to be more caramelized to balance the black pepper taste though.

We made ourselves feel less guilty about the number of chicken wings we ate by having a bit of the coleslaw. Not the best I’ve had, but still passable. There was a tang to it that I liked and the shredded vegetables were not too mushy.  

Banana Chocolate Drink

Sticking with their retro-train theme, this drink was served in an old school cup, like the one your  grandma use to have in her home. We were pleasantly surprised to find that this was not one of the run-of-the-mill chocolate drinks. The banana flavor was pretty distinct and not lost in all

that chocolate goodness. I felt that it didn’t need the scoop of ice-cream on top, but my dining companion enjoyed the cold treat on a hot and humid day.


Terminal 1 is not just a cafe with an innovative concept, but one that is made up with enterprising youths. Their employees are entrepreneurial and passionate in F&B like no other. While we were at the cafe, we met Ah Fai who shared with us his story of how he became an experienced cafe manager with only an O level cert. Terminal 1 is a good place to hangout if you are around the area or if you are looking for a unique-themed cafe for a fuss-free western lunch.

4, Jalan Serampang, Taman Pelangi,
80400 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday : 11AM – 1AM
Sunday : 11AM – 12AM

Zenna Firdous
Zenna Firdous
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