Founded out of a passion for meeting new people, good conversations, and cheap drinks, Singapore Pub Crawl is the brainchild of Mogan and Varman.  For an affordable fixed price, you get to enjoy visits to undiscovered drinking holes, free entry to a unique club, exclusive drink specials and of course, the opportunity to meet like-minded people!

Since the inception of this unique concept in 2011, it has won many accolades, including the coveted TripAdvisor Winner of Excellence award in 2015 and 2016.  Expectedly, it wasn’t an easy path to their quick success.  Now, the business has expanded to provide training in the area of hospitality and service management. Mogan, the co-founder, shared with us his journey in making his dream a reality.

Accidental Entrepreneur

Mogan is a classic example of an ‘accidental entrepreneur’ – someone who did not plan on starting his business but ended up being an entrepreneur because of the opportunity and the passion to create something bigger. He is an educator by training and a sociologist by nature, but that did not deter him from entering the world of business.  Instead, he went on to seek out knowledge in the field and recently graduated with a degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from UniSIM. It was a daunting decision to quit his job and focus on his business, but it is important nonetheless, shared Mogan. “We all reach that fork in our lives where we have to make a decision.”

Deviating From The Norm

It is not in our current culture to start a conversation with strangers, and Mogan realized that these are missed opportunities to learn something new, make professional connections or build friendships. He wanted to change that by providing a way to spark these conversations between strangers. “That’s why we say ‘There are no strangers on the Singapore Pub Crawl’”, he shared.

Getting Onto A Slow Start

Both Mogan and his partner did not have any experience in business, and so they had to learn everything from scratch – from funding to hiring practice and crafting frameworks and systems. They wore many hats, often doing everything from being the ‘hosts’ of the pub crawls to giving out fliers to try to make things work. Even then, it wasn’t easy trying to convince others that this idea was of any worth. “It was a tough idea to sell”, Mogan said. Perseverance did pay off, in their case. They were persistent in approaching sponsors, even after several turn-downs.  “I never thought of giving up. I always knew what we would find a solution and work around it.” They slogged through the initial stages one day at a time, with help and support from their families, friends, partners and sponsors such as and Nakd water.

What started an initial idea of organizing pub crawls grew into a multi-level business of providing training for service staff and also planning and hosting private events. Currently, they are looking for independent partners and are looking to expand their services further.

‘You have to believe in your idea, even when the rest of the world don’t’ is one advice Mogan wants to share with those who want to start their own business. “Grit, consistency and the belief in your idea. It’s very hard work to make a dream real and you should go all out and make it a reality.”


Interested to learn more?

Here’s where  you can find out about the pub crawls:
Pub Crawl Singapore Facebook

For tickets:
Pub Crawl Singapore Website 

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