things to let go in 2017


Let go of your belief that you are too old to have fun. Growing up doesn’t mean growing old. Whether it’s having a bouncing good time at the trampoline park or twerking the night away, let yourself off the hook and live while you can. Your 80 year old self will thank you.



Let go of your shame of your body. The muffin tops, those puffy cheeks and the patterns of your stretch marks, are traces of a normal human being. The media has brainwashed all of us to thinking life favors only one type of beauty. So be a rebel today and free yourself from all that body hate that had held you back from living life to the fullest.



Let go of your fear to love. Switch off the sirens in your head and ringing nightmares from the past each time you meet someone you can connect with. Allow yourself to revel in love again- not only in a romantic sense but just in human connections whether with a long lost friend or a kind stranger.



Let go of the pressure that you have to have everything figured out right now. Be at peace with sitting through the rather uncomfortable ride of uncertainty and embrace life’s spontaneity. Sometimes, just to let life take the lead.



Let go of the idea that you must always be the one who gets it right. You are human and making mistakes are a part of being human. Take it with an open mind, be okay with accepting and admitting to mistakes. It will free you from your ego and make you a much happier person.



Let go of the people who no longer want to be a part of your life. The ones who were once so close, but have drifted away by choice. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic farewell, but let go of the energy you spend on them that never gets returned. Be okay with the distance so you can move on and cherish present and new friendships along the way.



Let go of your embarrassment of anxiety or depression, especially when you least expect it to happen around people. Be kind to yourself and accept the love and support your friends want to shower you with. Understand that you are not alone. Even the strong cries when no one’s looking, it’s not weak to be weak at all.



Let go of your passiveness. The tendency to soullessly accept what life gives you all the time instead of taking charge of it yourself. If there is something that is making you terribly miserable, get out of there or do something about it. It’s one thing to ‘never give up’, it’s another to pick the battles you really want to fight for.



Let go of the pressure you put on yourself to be flawless. Embrace your weaknesses, blemishes and failures and find out how you can use them to your advantage and make yourself stronger.



Let go of the spite over little things- the jostle on the train, stepping on spit, a rude waiter. Stop letting tiny things ruin your day. They only have the power to affect you when you let them.



Let go of feeding yourself with negativity. Let go of the feedback loop from hell. Of telling yourself that you are not good enough or that you are undeserving of good things that happen to you without a reason and something bad would soon follow after to ‘balance it out’. Stop self-sabotaging. Be your own cheerleader and root for yourself to win.



Let go of the lack of discipline you allow yourself to get away with. The resolutions you set, and the new routines you eventually fail to follow through. Instead of bidding adios, try altering them till it works for you. The key is having something that helps you get better, not trying to keep up with something you dread.



Let go of the temptations to be dishonest. Focus on being truthful no matter how challenging the circumstances may be. Give yourself and others the respect they deserve to know and right to respond to the honest truth. You will become a person of integrity who is able to sleep well at night.



Let go of your resentment towards the people who have hurt you immensely. Forgive them, take the lessons and let the rest pass. Watch how much happier and light-hearted you will become.



Let go of selfishness. Be kind and put more goodness into the world. Give love, make people happy and relish in how happy that makes you feel in return. Spread kindness and light.

Kelyn Tan
Kelyn Tan

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