This Pair Of Sisters Left Their Jobs To Create Skincare Potions


Christmas gift idea turned business

Sisters Sharmila Anne Ramani and Sharmini Joy Ramani were formerly in law and advertising respectively, before they decided to leave their jobs to pursue a business in creating handmade skincare products. Or, ‘potions’, as they call it.

As they told the Vulcan Post, they were thinking of Christmas gift ideas one day when the idea to create handmade products dawned on them. Having used up most of their salaries on paying bills, this was the perfect solution for Christmas gifts without having to spend much.

The products that the sisters made were surprisingly well-received, leading them to make the decision to turn it into a business. Hence, Potions was born.

The struggle with sensitive skin

Growing up, Sharmila and Sharmini struggled with sensitive skin, as did many of their family members. Unable to find many suitable skincare products for their skin, the sisters turned to creating natural alternatives that would work on their skin.

The recipes that they used to make these skincare products were passed down from the women in their family. As such, their products use ingredients that have been tried and tested for decades. Many of their products are traditional Indian Ayurvedic recipes, and are a reflection of the sisters’ heritage and culture.

“We could control the quality and ensure that we were not being exposed to toxic ingredients. And guess what? It made an immediate difference. So although we had been making these potions for years, it was the gift of giving that got the ball rolling for us. With the support of our family and friends, we decided to add our very own twist to recipes which had been passed down from generation to generation to form our very own brand of skin care,” Sharmini told the Vulcan Post.

Potions with a positive message

This Pair Of Sisters Left Their Jobs To Create Skincare Potions


The bright and colourful product labels were designed to put a smile on their customers’ faces. Each product comes with a positive quote like “Smile. It looks good on you!”

Body positivity aside, animal-lovers would also be glad to know that the sisters do not test on animals. They only try out the products on their own skin, as they share on their website. With positive messaging and natural products, we foresee that the brand will amass many more fans down the road.

“Our future plans for Potions is to keep the magic alive by introducing our many products in the making! They’re being tested as we speak. We love innovating, so customers can expect something new every few months. Someday though, we would love to have our very own brick and mortar store,” Sharmini said.

And, being self-professed Harry Potter fans, being able to brew up their own ‘potions’ for a living is an added bonus.

This post was adapted from an article originally published on the Vulcan Post.

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