Having seen this cafe with gooey lava toast all over social media, we were dying to try Meet and Melt. Located in the heart of Orchard Road at Scape, Meet & Melt is the second branch of the wildly popular original one at Tampines.

Meet & Melt specialises in Lava Toast, a thick toast which is fluffy on the inside but crisp on the outside that spills out hot creamy ‘lava’ when sliced open (or in our case, after being fervently stabbed). You have the option to choose either Charcoal or Original flavoured toast, where the colours make for a lovely contrast against the lava filling but provided little taste differentiation.

The most popular item on the menu, Mentaiko Lava Toast comes in as the most expensive item as well, priced at $17.90. However, to justify its prices, the cafe doesn’t charge for GST or service charge.


Mentaiko Charcoal Lava Toast

The Mentaiko Lava Toast, one of two savoury toast flavours, was blowtorched to perfection and served with bonito flakes. It’s hard to go wrong with anything mentaiko. Fluffy toast combined with the savoury mentaiko cream was the perfect balance of rich and buttery. The strong umami taste lingers after each mouthful, leaving you wanting more. Charred bits of seared mentaiko added a smoky flavour which enhanced the savoury umami taste.

Mentaiko Charcoal Lava Toast ($17.90)
Don’t you stop flowing.

While shoving messy mouthfuls of mentaiko toast in my mouth, I understood why this dish is so popular. Because the toast is fluffy and light, it highlights the strong mentaiko taste perfectly without being too “jelak” despite its intensity.


Chilli Crab/ Charcoal/ Thai Green Milk Tea Ice Cream

We also tried their specialty ice cream flavours like the dark chocolate ice cream. It was easily the richest dark chocolate ice cream I’ve ever had. Its velvety texture alongside its robust bitter taste will be a hit with those who enjoy strong flavours.

Thai green milk tea ice cream was a crowd favourite, with a distinct tea flavour that is significantly stronger than its Japanese counterpart. Being familiar with ‘matcha’, I expected this to taste similar as it looked deceptively alike, down to the indistinguishable shade of green. However, my uncultured taste buds were pleasantly surprised when it tasted completely different, with a milky creaminess balancing the concentrated green tea taste.

Charcoal Ice Cream ($4.20)

Unique ice cream flavours like Charcoal had a crunchy cookie texture. I was expecting it to have a smoky bbq taste but it didn’t have much of a distinct flavour despite the deep vibrant black colour.

And for the most polarising item on the menu: chilli crab ice cream!

Chilli Crab Ice Cream ($4.20)

Although I understand how people might think savoury ice cream flavours are too bizarre to be enjoyed, I thought the chilli crab ice cream was exceptionally crafted. At first bite, you’re met with the sweet creamy texture of the ice cream but the spiciness kicks in almost immediately after and there is a strong crab flavour. I thought it was incredible that the signature tangy sweet chilli crab taste was captured perfectly. It tastes almost like a frozen creamy chilli crab sauce and even has generous crab chunks!


Waffles Over The Top

Waffles Over The Top ($14.90)


Waffles come stacked to the ceiling, we had Original, Charcoal, Pandan and Red Velvet waffles paired with Yam and Bubblegum flavoured ice cream. Red Velvet was the most outstanding of the flavours, with a rich buttery chocolate base. Bubblegum and Yam ice cream work better as standalone desserts as the distinct flavours clashed with the waffles. Waffles were the crunchy kind which some may prefer, but I probably wouldn’t return to have them as I prefer my waffles fluffy.


Kinder Bueno Mint Over The Top Milkshake

Kinder Bueno Mint Over The Top Milkshake ($14.90)


They also do crazy over the top milkshakes with treats balancing precariously on top of each other. The kinder bueno mint milkshake served with chocolate fudge sauce was a refreshing way to finish our meal! One portion of these milkshakes though and you would have hit your sugar quota for the week. Be sure to share this with a few friends as it may get too cloying! 


Sugar For The Lips And Eyes

Meet & Melt is one of those places you have to try at least once to Snapchat and Instagram to your heart’s content as every dish is a visual spectacle. As Lava Toasts are their signature items, do not leave before trying the Mentaiko Lava Toast! Pair it with the chilli crab ice cream if you’re feeling adventurous enough.

Next: We meet the brother and sister duo behind Meet & Melt! Read on to find out more about how they transformed from a modest neighbourhood shop to a popular cafe in the middle of Orchard Road…


2 Orchard Link
#02-33/34 *SCAPE
Singapore 237978

Opening Hours:
Everyday 2pm – 10pm

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