To Wybron and Rena, the brother and sister duo running Meet & Melt, sacrifice, time and effort are the keys to running a successful family business. The siblings help run day-to-day operations of Meet & Melt, their family business. 

From a humble heartland store at Tampines, they’ve always dreamt of expanding, searching for a new location for four months before settling on the ground floor space at scape.

How it all began


Rena, with experience in baking cakes, has always experimented with new flavours and cake recipes. With a shared love for ice cream and food, the family decided to start a cafe.

Wybron shares with us how his father used to make ice cream for his grandmother as she had diabetes so regular ice cream was too sweet for her. After months of trial and error, the family perfected the recipe and decided their cafe would feature desserts.

Self-taught through experience

Rena traveled to Bangkok to conduct her own research and adopted the popular Shibuya toast trend to modify. Using her baking skills she created a signature Meet & Melt toast that is perfectly crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside.

At 21, Rena is only starting to gain relevant industry knowledge through firsthand mistakes and experiences. While most of her friends have internships and part-time jobs to help them along the learning curve, she recognizes that her sacrifice is worthwhile. “I had to learn everything by myself”

A winning marketing strategy that turned the tides

With the shared goal of sharing their love for desserts with the world, they had to invest time and effort to keep their business running. As their first branch was located deep in the Tampines heartlands, its isolated location was the main difficulty in drawing crowds.

Rena began utilizing social media marketing by engaging friends who were food bloggers to post photos of their signature Lava toast on Instagram which sparked their popularity.

To this day, floor to ceiling Instagram photos of their dishes line the walls of both their outlets. They’ve been featured on, danielfooddiary and countless other food blogs but still stay humble and attribute their success to the loyal customers that patronise them.


The sibling’s journey that helped their family business from a modest heartland shop to a cafe in Orchard Road shows us that even with little experience, the willingness to sacrifice and strategic marketing moves make all the difference in going that step further.

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