Located Just a 2-minute walk away from Chinatown MRT, Oyogei Taiyaki has been quietly operating for about a year. This shop specializes in Japanese sweets with a twist, such as royal milk tea ice cream, mochi and croissant taiyaki and the roasted rice ice cream served in a charcoal cone, which was recommended to us.

Roasted Rice Ice Cream In Charcoal Cone

Roasted Rice Ice Cream Oyogei Taiyaki
Roasted Rice Ice Cream, (SGD 4.50)

The texture of the ice cream is somewhat similar to the McDonald’s vanilla soft serve, just a little milkier with finely grounded rice adding that something extra.  What makes this special is the hint of smoky, rice flavor that came through at the end. The crunchy charcoal cone had a slightly bitter aftertaste to it, which complemented the sweetness of the roasted rice in the ice cream well. But be warned, the ice cream melts super fast, so be sure to eat it quickly!

Charcoal and rice used in the making of the cone and ice creams actually have health benefits, including alleviating bloating and improved skin health! (That’s right, SKII benefits in a cone!) The owner brought these sweets to Singapore to share these benefits of charcoal and rice in a more palatable way. And what better way to make it better by making them into ice cream, right?

If you are around the area, try this healthier snack to beat the heat!

191 New Bridge Rd,
Singapore 059423

Opening Hours:
Monday – Thursday : 12PM -9PM
Friday – Sunday : 10.30AM – 10PM


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