It is no surprise that drone photography is beginning to be popular with photographers and hobbyists alike. With new drone laws in place for recreational drone flying, we compiled a list of drone friendly locations in Singapore you’re free to fly your drone at.

Enthusiasts take note for operators may face a fine of up to $10,000 for non-compliance to regulations such as flying drones near aerodromes or flying them above a certain height


1.    Private Areas


The safest bet would be to practice at home, your void deck, or an empty car park. Avoid crowded spaces or areas with trees as it poses a hazard to passers-by and might get stuck in branches. It is essential that you have full control of your craft before taking it out to play!


2.     Marina Barrage


The large open area around Marina Barrage and Gardens by the Bay where families fly kites is a good area to practice flying your craft. This might not be a good place for beginners as navigating stray kite strings are a tricky business!


 3.      Sentosa


This is a great place for beginners and experts alike to practice flying or execute full photoshoots. Sentosa’s beaches and Universal Studio’s winding roller coasters make for great aerial shots. Be careful when flying your drone over bodies of water!


4.    Lazarus Island


Isolated, empty, plenty of  vacant airspace. One of Singapore’s offshore islands, Lazarus and Sisters’ Island are a ferry ride away from Marina South Pier. This is perfect for capturing Singapore skyline views from a distance as you get unobstructed CBD views. Make a day trip out of it and pack a picnic bag for the beach!


5.    Nanyang Technological University


For those who have perfected their skill and want shots that stand out from the rest, NTU is a great place to capture outstanding architecture and campus views. Remember to check out the Learning Hub, also known as The Hive for its unique architecture. NTU is usually filled with students so watch where you fly!


6.     Raffles Place


With skyscrapers dotting every square meter, the CBD makes for a great place to weave in and out of buildings and get that coveted Raffles Place time-lapse video of corporate rats hurrying between somewhere important and somewhere even more important. If you’re planning on getting that gravity defying shot keep in mind that unregistered drones are only permitted to fly no higher than 200 feet which is around 20 – 25 floors.

It is important to note that you cannot fly drones in any national park, which includes East Coast Park, Fort Canning Park or even the Botanical Gardens.


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