From toning up your abs to helping you focus better, we all know the benefits of yoga are aplenty. But it gets even better when you do it with your friends- aside from putting your friendship through the awkward physical closeness test, there’s nothing like bursting into laughter whenever you catch each other clumsily tumbling off poses.

Jokes aside, here are 4 quick reasons why you and your mate need to get on the yoga buzz now. 

1. It’s better than booze.


Spending Friday nights getting drunk together can be fun for a while, but you’ll soon get sick of all the hangovers and unnecessary money spent on the toxic liquids that do no good for your body.

Every once in awhile, you need a sober heart to heart talk with your friends, and that’s more likely to happen after a quick yoga session than a night at the club- yoga is known to help you achieve mindfulness and self-awareness, enabling your mind to calm, open, and composed, which is the optimal state to be in when you’re up for some real talk.

Plus, laughing at each other’s awkward moves makes for an awesome bonding activity, and gives you hilarious stories to tell.

2. Get fit together- no gym membership required.


Been wanting to tone up those arms? Have a weight loss goal to hit? You don’t have to sign up for expensive gym memberships or starve yourself (seriously, don’t ever do that). All you need is a friend and a yoga mat.

While many associate yoga with being a breathing and meditation practice, yoga is excellent for improving your fitness too- yes, that means toned abs and the like. The Harvard Health Publication revealed that a research showed that practicing yoga results in “greater muscle strength and endurance, flexibility and cardio-respiratory fitness”.

And here’s the clincher: the individuals they monitored were only made to practice yoga twice a week for these positive results. So, what are you waiting for?

3. Friends who yoga together, stay together.


Because yoga can help you study better. No, seriously. The Huffington Post reported that just a 20-minute yoga session can help boost your focus and memory.

The research study involved college students who went through cognitive testing after just 20 minutes of yoga. Published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, findings suggest that yoga’s benefits of improved self-awareness and decreased stress might have caused them to score better in the cognitive tests post-yoga practice.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you’re busy preparing for upcoming exams, perhaps a yoga session with your study buddy is in order.

4. And despite how it seems, it really isn’t a neck-breaking endeavour.


The Internet probably showed you a ton of gravity-defying moves that made you feel inadequate, like the unbelievable capabilities of this girl above. However, there are many simple moves that beginners start out with, which don’t need you to risk breaking your bones. So rest assured that it’s a safe, fun, and stress-busting activity to enjoy with your best friends.


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