It’s official. Donald Trump has been announced as President-elect of the United States of America. The largest hegemony of the developed world has elected a reality TV show host as their head of state.

A man whose campaign was beleaguered by sexual assault accusations, a man who has been involved in countless of lawsuits and scandals is going to be in a few months commanding the largest military in the world and moving into the White House. In the words of Snoop Dogg, “It wouldn’t be the first time he pushed a black family out of their home”, alluding to the real estate racial discrimination scandal Trump faced in the 1980’s.

As heartbreaking as it is for a nation so powerful to be this divided where partisanship is the leading cause of a demagogue’s win, we must face the realities of what this eventual Presidency means for America and the rest of the world. With extremist opinions and radical policies, Trump is a threat waiting to implode the US and we must let that implosion happen.


“Dear God America, What Have You Done?”

Like we witnessed in the U.K. with Brexit, a disgruntled working class  that managed to turn the tides against an insular entrenched elite class was faced with voter’s remorse immediately after. With the financial markets plunging and the Dow falling 800 points, effects of Trump’s victory has already shaken the world. If Trump decides to resort to protectionist policies in order to revive American manufacturing, possible trade wars could erupt that would shatter Singapore’s trade as we are an export-oriented economy.

As a small nation, any instability is bound to affect Singapore indirectly and domestic markets will take a hit even if Trump’s policies do not directly target Singapore or even the Asia Pacific region. Financial markets hate instability, and as Singapore is one of Asia’s largest financial hubs, this will undoubtedly result in volatility and even greater uncertainty.


Making America Anything But Great

Despite Trump being elected the Republican presidential nominee, despite the growing whispers of gained momentum with an aggrieved working class, the rest of the world still believed that America would unite against a dangerous rampaging sociopath.

We believed that despite Clinton’s unpopularity, there was no way a nation that overcame racial stereotypes to elect their first black president would immediately after that swallow an egomaniac’s paranoid fear mongering.

We expected a country that gave the world Harvard, Silicon Valley, Muhammad Ali, Apple and the swivel chair the power to discern between an unpopular candidate and a bigot. We trusted you to know better, America.


“I really didn’t expect this outcome. When I came here in 2013, I thought this was the best country in the world, with better prospects and a better future for myself. Now I’m not so sure anymore. I’m heartbroken and so disappointed with the American people” – Liyin Yeo, 22, Singaporean student at UC Berkeley


Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn

As difficult as it may sound, it is now the time for us to watch America burn. A significant proportion of voters supporting Trump are a part of an angry population who are increasingly anti-establishment. Because of their collective rage against the system and distrust of politicians, they believe the president is merely a corporate puppet. By expressing their disgust with the broken American dream and bleak political climate, supporting an ‘alpha-male’ who isn’t afraid to speak his mind or challenge popular rhetoric is a large part of what uneducated Americans stand for.

However, preventing Trump from tanking the economy or ruining foreign relations would precisely be enabling these voters’ assumptions. The only way to enlighten the American consciousness of their collective mistake is for Trump to single-handedly destroy everything great about America. As terrifying as it may be for the rest of the world to experience the effects of anarchy this would ultimately bring about, this may be our only hope in ensuring that America learns from this harrowing election.

In the words of Seth McFarlane, creator of popular TV series Family Guy who once introduced Trump at the  Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump with,

Please welcome the second worst tragedy ever to hit New York City, Donald J. Trump.

These words hold a chilling foreboding of a world resembling a tragicomedy where Donald Trump could very well be the worst tragedy to ever hit not only New York City but the United States Of America.



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