Bali On A Budget: 8 Healing Activities Under $10

For those planning a trip to Bali on a budget, here are some activities you can add to your itinerary.

The island is home to breathtaking natural scenery, is close enough to be a weekend getaway spot, and is also possible to travel around cheaply- all these make it a great place to go for a healing getaway. 

After all, every once in awhile you need to spend some time with yourself and with nature, to reconnect with your thoughts and feelings. What better place to go than to the island of Bali?

1. Stroll along the serene Campuhan Ridge Walk

Bali On A Budget: 8 Healing Activities Under $10

Source: Nice Tour Bali 

The Campuhan Ridge Walk offers a breezy trek along a path that cuts through the beautiful Balinese hillside, away from the busy streets of Ubud. Begin from the concrete walkway just down from the entrance of Warwick Ibah Luxury Villas and Spa. Simply follow the sign that says “Going to The Hill”, and you’ll be well on your way to exploring the Campuhan hillside.

Price: Free

2. Visit Karsa cafe for a scenic all day breakfast


Source: terrytreks

Further up the Campuhan Ridge Walk, you’ll find the Karsa Cafe nestled within the greenery. Dig in to an all day breakfast or some delicious local cuisine at this peaceful cafe, overlooking a beautiful lily pond and the scenic rice fields of Tegallalang. The best part? For the quality of the food, the prices are surprisingly low.

Price: From around S$2 for mains

3. Watch the sun set over the Candidasa Lotus Lagoon

Bali On A Budget: 8 Healing Activities Under $10

Source: trip canvas

Nestled within a small coastal village of Bali is this hidden gem. Located right across the street from the temple that Candidasa was named after, the Candidasa Lotus Lagoon is a tranquil spot to calm your mind. For the best views, drop by in the evening to see the warm hues of the sunset reflecting off the still waters, which are decorated with the pink lotus flowers floating atop.

Price: Free

4. Relax at the Banjar Hot Springs

Bali On A Budget: 8 Healing Activities Under $10

Source: villabossibali

Water flows out of stone-carved dragons at the Banjar Hot Springs, which are just a few minutes away from Lovina Beach. If you feel almost magically calm as you take a dip amidst the tropical greenery, it might be because you’re relaxing in “holy” water, as the locals believe. Regardless, you can expect to feel relaxed and rejuvenated after soaking in the warm waters.

Price: Less than S$1

5. Sample local Balinese blends at the Luwak Coffee Plantations

Bali On A Budget: 8 Healing Activities Under $10

Source: ridebali

Luwak coffee is created from beans extracted from the excretion of the Asian Palm Civet- basically, poop coffee. Despite the seemingly unappetising way in which it is made, luwak coffee is raved about by coffee aficionados for its smooth, aromatic flavour. Visit the Luwak Coffee Plantations for a taste of this rare blend at around S$7 a cup, or try out their free samples of tea and coffee while enjoying views of the scenic greenery.

Price: S$0 to around S$7

6. Indulge in chocolates at a remote Chocolate Factory

Bali On A Budget: 8 Healing Activities Under $10

Source: yourtravelb

If coffee isn’t your thing, how about a chocolate tasting? This quaint chocolate factory sits at a rather unexpected location at a remote beach in Bali. Venture into the pointy-roofed buildings of Uforia Chocolate and you’ll be treated to rich dark chocolate that’s made from organic, locally-grown cacao beans. Nothing like a little chocolate to brighten up our day, we say.

Price: Free

7. Rest in the hidden Suluban Beach Cave

Bali On A Budget: 8 Healing Activities Under $10

Source: Danas DANULIS Macijauskas

While exploring Bali on a budget, don’t miss out on free natural attractions like this one. While surfers and beach-goers flock to the Suluban beach above, head into the hidden cave below to avoid the crowd. This hidden gem provides a tranquil place for you to rest, meditate, and fill up your camera roll with Instagram-worthy pictures.

Price: Free

8. Enjoy a calming Balinese massage

Bali On A Budget: 8 Healing Activities Under $10

Source: Bliss Ubud Bungalow

At Bliss Spa and Bungalow, experience the relaxing Sunset Package for less than S$10. The two hour session includes a traditional Balinese massage, a hot jacuzzi, a flower bath and more. Bliss Spa also offers accommodation options, with a beautiful location right in the middle of Balinese rice fields, surrounded by lush natural greenery.

Price: Around S$9


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