Don’t we all wish to be in Japan, strolling down the supermarket aisles and grabbing those quirky-cool flavoured, snacks? The good news is, there’s a supermarket in Clarke Quay where you can get your hands on some exotic Japanese confectionaries. Now, you don’t have to fly all the way to Japan when you feel like having some of the famous White Chocolate biscuits!


1. Cod Roe Instant Pasta Sauce

Elevate your boring old pasta dishes in an instant with this packaged Cod Roe pasta sauce.


Retails for ~$3.20

2. Tomato And Ginger Gummies

Not your average strawberry and apple flavoured gummies!


Retails for $2.40, each

3. Cheese And Avocado Crackers

You are definitely missing out if you have yet to try these super addictive crackers.


Retails for S$4.20, each

4. Raspberry KitKat

Bet you can’t say no to this pretty pink Kitkat bars. Slightly tart, the unmistakable raspberry flavour will leave you wanting for more.


Retails for $8+, price varies according to flavours

5. Shiroi Koibito Chocolat blanc et langue de chat

Biscuits that literally melt in your mouth.


Retails for S$22.90

6. Fruit Flavoured Aerated Water

Healthier alternative to Sodas, fun alternative to plain water.


Retails for $1.50, each

7. Gudetema Egg Kawaii chocolate Custard

Can you resist these cute chocolates?


Retails for ~$8

8. Rilakkuma Chocolates

For all the Rilakkuma fans out there, you’ve got to get these!


Retails for ~$11.90

All the featured products above can be bought at the Yamakawa Super.

Address: Central
6 Eu Tong Sen Street

Opening hours: 11 am to 10 pm

Zenna Firdous
Zenna Firdous
Her cause of death will probably read: 'Caffeine' (and maybe one too many slices of cake). But for now, she enjoys traipsing around the streets of the world, crafting and taking pretty pictures for her Instagram profile.
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