Your first instincts when hunting for a job may be to go for a high-paying one in a reputable company. Yes, the medical benefits, company insurance and an office gym are awesome. But, there are also a lot of advantages to working in a startup that you may not have thought of. Working in a startup may just prove to be that kind of challenge you would need to grow personally and professionally.

It’s a high-risk, high-rewards game that isn’t for everyone, but here are 5 reasons why you should try working in one at least once in your life.


1. It’s Nothing Like A 9 To 5


Does the thought of desk bound jobs sound dreadful to you? Chances are, you may prefer an environment that is less rigid. Work culture at startups tends to favour productivity over traditional organization rules which may seem unconventional for a regular 9-5 job. For example, in most startups a fixed routine does not exist. The flexible culture enables you to plan your time for the day rather independently. In the zone and feeling the momentum on that task? Sure, you can go for a later lunch if you wish. Efficiency above all.


2. Your Ideas Will Be Heard (Finally!)

We’re certainly no strangers to hearing how conservative and less vocal Singaporeans are about their ideas. In a startup, you are encouraged to speak up! You don’t have to be afraid to pitch that idea that popped in your head at lunch. As many startups are constantly experimenting with ways to improve, any form of idea is gold. It encourages you to be more confident, be it with your ideas or how you carry yourself. The power to communicate and convince is an asset to have in whichever career you pursue.


3. Jack of All Trades, Master Of None, Better Than Master Of One


Startups will give you the opportunity to try a wide variety of work. Since the team is usually small, you will find yourself wearing a bunch of different hats. That is why you will learn new things daily and be exposed to different scopes of work, allowing you to realize your strengths and what you love to do. For example, you may be hired as a programmer in a tech startup. But, expect to be playing different roles, including negotiating with clients, giving sales talks and more. Talk about a holistic learning experience. Gone will be the days you’d be afraid to learn and try something new.


4. You Will Get To Do Legit Work


Goodbye sai gang [unpleasant work] (or least a lot of it). Every ounce of effort each team member gives will be reflected in the team’s progress at a startup. A founder of a startup once told me there are three types of people in the hiring pool: A, B and C. Type As have initiative and able to direct and deliver quality work on their own. Type B can get the job done, when he or she is probed to. Type C does not have adequate skills and lacks initiative. “In startups, we only hire Type A. We have no time to train Bs and Cs, we have a business to run.” she said. There may be legwork to be done in projects, but you can expect spending most of your time sharpening relevant skills. Rest assured that you will not be hired just to do all the trivial work.


5. Your Colleagues, Your Squad


What’s amazing about being in a startup is meeting people who are as innovative and enthusiastic to learn and contribute as well. Those who hustle together, stay together. Working in a startup is some serious commitment. It means temporarily giving up security of a corporate job and riding the waves of a budding business. Your colleagues and you are on the same boat, paddling to a common vision. The adventures of this journey would be what makes this camaraderie like no other.


With an environment that is both empowering and inspiring, who wouldn’t look forward to work each morning? Take up the challenge and discover new limits about yourself through a work experience at a startup. No matter where you go after your stint, especially if it is to go off and create a business on your own that needs to be sustainable, the skills you picked up here will power everything that you do.

Fira Hashim
Fira Hashim
I turn beet red when I laugh too hard and I'm quite the dreamer who writes A LOT.
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