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Don your grad gown and mortarboard, it’s time to celebrate your graduation with some glorious photos. And nope, we are not talking about that typical shot with the skyline or studio photos. You deserve something more for making it through those painful years. We have sourced out 10 stunning places where you can create some magic with your lens.


1. Millenia Tower


There is no sorcery in this. Just some floor-to-ceiling glass panels and the perfect amount of sunlight. That’s all it takes for some sweet reflection shots here.

Plus, it serves as a respite from the sweltering heat outside as well. 

Address: 1 Temasek Avenue, S(039192)

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm

How to get there: Alight at Promenade MRT station and take exit A. Millennia Towers is about 5 min walk away. The glass panels are right next to the entrance of Millenia Towers.


2. Millenia Walk

When you are making your way to Millenia Tower, you are bound to walk pass this whole walkway of clear panels. The high ceiling and angled panels means you’ll have some interesting shadow and light to work with.


Doesn’t this look like a million-dollar Forbes cover? #justkidding. But really, the lighting is too good not to take a close-up here.



Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, 039596

How to get there: Alight at Promenade MRT station and take exit A.


3. School Of The Arts (SOTA)

What better place to get inspired than in an arts school? The photo opportunities here are as bountiful as the wooden feature walls. Play with lines and textures and you will get pictures that look like an organized mess- complex yet minimalistic.

Secret spot #1: Stone structure

This structure is right next to the main entrance.



Secret spot #2: Tall wooden walls

You’ll definitely feel like a boss with all that wooden walls and high ceiling here.  This space is on the second floor of SOTA, right next to the escalator.



Address: 1 Zubir Said Drive, S(227968)

How to get there: Alight at Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station and take exit A. SOTA is about a 5 min walk away.


4. LASALLE College of the Arts, Mcnally campus

The art schools are really killing it with their gorgeous architecture. With white walls accented with pops of black, and clean lines,  LASALLE will satiate your inner minimalist. The natural light make for stunning pictures as well!

Secret spot #1: Black ‘box’

Let your grad gown do half the work for you by letting it drape down the side. Then, all you have to do sit back and relax.

This place is on the corner of 5th floor of LASALLE, near the lockers.



Secret spot #2: Lift landing

Looks like a secret place where The Joker goes to devise his evil plans in suicide squad, no? Your photographer should be standing one level above you to catch the details of the lift gears in full glory.  

Secret spot #3: Staircase landing

The criss-crossing lines make this picture. Locate the cafe Lowercase, then take the stairs down. Get your photographer to go up one level to capture this optical illusion – like shot.



Address: 1 McNally St, S(187940)

How to get there: Alight at Rocher MRT station and take exit A. LASALLE is about a 2 min walk away.


5. Deck

Nestled between LASALLE and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, this unassuming gem of a place seems to jam-pack photo spots at every corner. The special structures add a lot of interest to your photos.

Secret spot #1: HOP container

It’s almost a crime if you don’t take a jump-shot in front of the bright yellow container that says HOP. I mean, come on!


Secret spot #2: Staircase shots

Free contouring effect by the sunlight hitting at the right spots on your face? Yes, please!

Create some movement by swinging around the corner of the staircase. I tried guys, I tried.


Address: The Deck, 120A Prinsep St, S(187937)

Opening Hours: 12pm – 7pm

How to get there: Alight at Rocher and take exit A. The Deck is situated after LASALLE, on your left.


6. Yong Siak Street

Sure, you may have hung out at the cafes at this street before, but how about taking your grad pictures here? The ridiculously photogenic shophouses here serve as a brilliant background for your pictures. Don’t neglect the little details like the dingy staircases – they make great backdrops!  

Secret spot #1: Secret Staircases

Looks like he’s casually reading next to the door that opens to the rabbit hole in Alice In Wonderland, no?


Secret spot #2: Wall at Yoga Movement

Patterns, patterns, patterns. The grids, rustic stairs and symmetrical wooden panels – this epitome of hip will make anyone look like an instagram star. Find this backdrop right beside Books Actually.



Address: Yong Siak St, Tiong Bahru Estate

How to get there: Alight at Tiong Bahru MRT station and take exit A. The street is about 10 min walk away.


7. Colbar @ Wessex Estate

Wessex Estate is like the cousin of Tiong Bahru who digs vintage stuff. Explore the retro Colbar cafe and you will not leave disappointed. While you’re there, say hi to the lovely old lady who graciously let us take all the photos we wanted.

We can’t get enough of their old school looking signboard.


The interior of colbar provide a distinctive backdrop that can only be found at this unique cafe. Bonus – the blue panels and the interior look like the classrooms that our parents’ studied in.



Address: Portsdown Road, Wessex Estate

Opening hours: 11am – 10pm, closed on Mondays

How to get there: Alight at Buona Vista MRT, then take 191 to Before Whitchurch Rd


8. Golden Mile Tower

We all know that Golden Mile Complex is jam-packed with photo spots, but its less known neighbour is equally instaworthy. Explore the rooftop level of Golden Mile Tower and you’ll be spoiled for choice. Interesting colors and architecture make for photo opps you just can’t miss.

Secret spot #1: The ladder next to the bar

When you see a ladder, climb it- that’s how we do it. This one proves to be extra special because we got a #puddlegram! This spot is on the 5th level of the tower. Walk further out in the carpark, and you’ll find an open bar.



Secret spot #2: Top deck of carpark

If you think this is it, wait till you walk up to the level above. It can’t get any more instaworthy than this.


Address: 6001 Beach Road, S(199589)

How to get there: Alight at Nicoll Highway MRT station. The Golden Mile Tower is about 6 min walk away.


9. Punggol/ Waterway Point

Look out for interesting structures and open spaces, like the ones featured here. Inject some creativity, work with the lines and your photos will never look mundane ever again.

Secret spot #1: Big open space at Waterway Point

This vast, empty space can turn into a photo op with just a little creativity. Make use of the lines and square panels on the simple wooden flooring. Just be prepared for curious ah-mas (Grandmas), who’ll ask you if you are learning the model-walk. Totally made my day.

This area is just beside the H&M in the West Wing. To get this shot, your photographer should be one level above you.



Secret spot #2: White Arch

There are so many angles we’re familiar with of Instagram pictures at the Punggol park. But not many has discovered this gem:


Caption ideas: Sailing off to a brighter future, bye suckers! Just kidding.

Theres a white arch before this bridge where your photographer needs to be to capture this shot.



Address: 83 Punggol Central, (S)828761

Opening hours (Waterway Point): 10am – 10pm

How to get there: Alight at Punggol MRT station. Take exit D. Waterway point is right next to the station.

To get to the white bridge, take exit D and walk straight in the direction of mall. When you pass the mall, the bridge will be on your right.


10. Little India

A happy explosion of colors, Little India couldn’t be more merry. Apart from the obvious choice of colorful backgrounds, explore a little and you’ll discover that Little India is littered with cool alleyways and gorgeous street art.

Secret spot #1: Colorful shophouse at Little India Arts Belt  

Tough not to miss the vibrant walls on this one!



Secret spot #2: Broken staircase beside the colorful shophouses

So many things happening in the picture, but that is exactly what I love about the photos taken at Little India. The mismatch of the old and new, and the mix of rough and clean lines make for pictures with so much character!




Secret spot #3: Alleyway near Race Course Road

Blink and you’ll miss this alleyway. No worries though, there are plenty more hidden ones all around Little India. We like this one because of it’s cool textures and awesome details. Also, If you’re lucky, you’ll find some interesting ‘props’ lying around, like this trolley!


Address: 37 Kerbau Rd, Little India, S(219168)

How to get there: Alight at Little India MRT station and take exit E.

Singapore is full of photogenic places for you to take advantage of. Who needs studio shots when you’ve got these gorgeous locations – for free to boot!

Grab your friends and set off to take some unique photos to mark this special milestone of yours.

Zenna Firdous
Zenna Firdous
Her cause of death will probably read: 'Caffeine' (and maybe one too many slices of cake). But for now, she enjoys traipsing around the streets of the world, crafting and taking pretty pictures for her Instagram profile.
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