Don’t we all want a job with flexible hours that allows us to work from the comfort of our hostel and also pays reasonably well? This is especially true for those of us with plans to conquer the world before settling down to a 9-5. But truth is, we probably need some extra cash to fuel our wanderlust, plus getting some additional dollars never hurts.

Thanks to wifi, whether you’re staying in the hotel or waiting for your next transfer, here’s 10 jobs which can get you learning and earning right away!  

1. Write For Sites


Love writing in your free time? There are plenty of jobs that pay you for writing on a freelance basis. Here’s a few which are reliable and pays pretty generously.

A website chock full of amazing lists, which pays you $100 for every published post.

If creating laughter’s your thing, CollegeHumour is the place for you. They pay a good $35-$50 for every article which tickles one’s fancy.

This website offers freelance writing opportunities on a long-term basis. If you are looking for something more than just a one-time  assignment, find out more here.

They provide resources for writers like grants and awards. They also have  a huge compilation of markets which pays for published content! See the full list here.

2. Make Art With Graphic Design


If you plan to pursue a career in design, it is crucial to have a stunning portfolio. When better to do it than during your gap year, when you have some free time to spare? Freelancing will expose you to different client requirements, giving you valuable experience (and at the same time, freedom!).

Here are a few sites where you can get a taste of your aspirations!

  • 99designs

99 designs connects you to a variety of clients, so you are welcome here regardless of the type of designing you do! Clients launch design contests, and freelancers whose submitted entries are chosen will get to work with the clients.

3. Make And Edit Beautiful Videos


We know it’s tough finding a job with little commitment, especially if your passion lies in crafting videos. But fret not, we’ve got you covered. Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are massive marketplaces for you to get started on nailing that first project. Bonus: Signing up as a freelancer on either site can get you paid an  hourly rate, yaaaaas.

PS: For inspiration, my pick would be Fiverr. There’s a guy  there who makes an animation of minions googling any company’s name for 10 bucks. Talk about creativity in the heart and mind!

4. Be A Data Entry Ninja


This one’s for you, keyboard ninjas. Just imagine that satisfying pleasure of speedy fingers pounding on the keyboard as you work that excel sheet generating data at an insane rate. Whip out your laptop and snag the best job deals here and here. The last time we checked, some assignments pay up to $2000, legit. What are you waiting for? Fastest fingers first!

5. Do Online Surveys


This is my favourite. You want things to be better, and companies want to know what you have to say- and PAY you for saying it.

I love that you can do it literally WHEREVER you are. Do it while you’re eating cake, do it while you are waiting for a friend, do it while you are commuting- you get the point. It doesn’t get any more convenient than this!

But beware, there are many dodgy survey sites. So here’s our picks to save you the inspection work. You can thank us later.

6. Review Cool Stuff


Here’s another one that pays you for your two cents worth. Good news for us Singaporeans who just love to comment on all things! #youknowitstrue. What’s fun is getting to be the first users of products that have yet to be released to the market. Talk about bragging rights.

These are few sites where you can get paid to give your opinion:

  • User Testing pays you 10 bucks for every site you visit and finish a set of specific tasks. Easy.
  • Blackbox Research was awarded as Singapore’s local market research hero. Expect chipping in your two cents worth to our home-grown establishments like RWS and NTUC Income.
  • Syres specializes in cosmetics and skincare and they even give out gift vouchers when you participate in their tests. Beauty junkies on a budget, this one is for you!
  • InFocus Group gathers participants to have a discussion about specific subjects. There will be a moderator that feeds the group questions to get opinions going. It’s a great  way to make new friends while skipping out on the awkward conversation starters. Oh, and did we mention the part that you’ll get paid again?

7. Be A Virtual Translator


Do you have a knack for languages? Be it Malay, Korean or German, sharpen those skills and put your gift into good use by taking up translation assignments!

Pick up translation assignments at CareerJet, Translators Townand PeoplePerHour!

8. Telemarketing To Strangers


If you can sell ice to an Eskimo, this might be right up your alley. They require absolutely no experience (but it’s a huge bonus if you have great interpersonal communication skills) and pay fairly  well, which makes it all the more appealing. This is perhaps the one time your parents would be glad you’re not off the phone.

Get started at Mitula,, and Gumtree.

9. Listen And Review Music


Yes, dreams do come true. Rejoice my fellow music fans, it’s about time we get paid to listen to the best jams! Musicxray and Slicethepie pays you to listen to and review music, what an enjoyable way to make some kachings!

10. Teach Something


Got a skill that you wish to share with others? Because sharing is caring and caring is well, earning. You can teach your skills from home to the world literally!

Twofold is an online coaching platform where anyone can set up a webinar and share their skills with virtual students tuning in. Teach anything! Classes can range from how to do DIY nails to dance classes to programming workshops. As long as you think there are people out there who would benefit from what you’ve got, bring it on.  

With this many options available, there is no excuse to be aimless during your gap year. After all, this is the time to figure things out, do what you love AND learn to earn independently. Step out of your comfort zone and give yourself a shot at one today. All you need is confidence and wifi.

Choon Khee Koh
Choon Khee Koh
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