Take your guidebooks, hard copy maps and translation books and throw them out the window. Who needs these when you have apps to solve all your travel needs, am I right? These nifty tech things make your travels much smoother. You won’t ever need to sleep on beds infested with bedbugs,  miss your flight timings or force down unknown chunks of meat in a restaurant ever again.

So what are you waiting for? Browse the list below, download some (or all, since they are free anyway) and start your globe-trotting adventures!

1. LiveTrekker

LiveTrekker is like a digital multimedia journal of your travels. This app tracks your route and you can add pictures, videos, audios and texts along the way. Sort of like a travelogue, but up a few levels. It will so fun to look back at your routes around the city, don’t you think? Additionally, it also  monitors your altitude and speed – perfect for adventure lovers. Definitely one of my favourites, and I’m pretty sure it will be one of yours too.

Available for iOS and Android, Free. Find out more here




2. Google Translate

Needs no special introduction, but do you know that you can know translate words from pictures as well? All you gotta do is to snap a picture and you’ll get instant translation. Now you can order the Coq au vin and Tarte Normande like a total pro!  You can even communicate with a local by using the speaking option to translate your conversations. It’s like having a pocket dictionary, without all the bulk and the hassle.

Available for iOS, Android and Windows, free

Google TranslateSource


3. CityMaps2go

If you are like me, you’d have a whole gallery of screenshots of that awesome looking restaurant or a must-visit spot. With this CityMaps2Go app, you can save that precious storage space. It allows you to download maps that is customizable by you. This means you can mark all the spots you want to visit in a particular area and not get hopelessly lost while you are hunting down that cafe that sells rainbow bagels.  This app is also chock full of travel ideas of that country you are visiting, so you’ll never run out of ideas ever again.

Available for iOS and Android, free.  Find out more here



4. TripSee

If you are someone who has to have an itinerary before you embark on a trip, this app will be a god-sent. Search for must-see and must-do things in a particular city and add to your itinerary. Then, just rearrange according to your daily plans. Really simple right? This app also syncs your plans across all your devices, for easy management.

Available for iOS and Android, free. Find out more here




There is no denying that road tripping sounds hella fun, but you’ve got to admit that planning for it can be a pain. Roadtrippers is here to save you! Just enter your starting and ending points, dates of travel and what you want to do along the way and this app plans your route for you. It even maps out restaurants, campsites and offbeat attractions along the way. All the work with minimal effort- yes please!

Available on iOS and Android, free.  Find out more here




This app is for serious foodies- let’s be honest, that’s most of us.  All you have to do is look up your location on the app, and search for any dish that you are craving. You’ll get instant hits of places around you where you can get your fix.  You can even follow the experts like Travel Channel or even be a food critic yourself.

Available for iOS, Android and Windows, free.  Find out more here



7. TripIt

TripIt is like your personal assistant. It shows you all of your trip details, including your flights, maps, directions and hotel bookings all in one app. You can also sync your travel plans your online calendar and share your plans on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows, free. Find out more here



8. Mint

Don’t risk going out of budget with the Mint app. It helps you track your expenses and manage your travel budget.  Mint is really easy to use too! It works a treat for local budgeting as well.

Avaiable for iOS and Android, free. Find out more here



9. Transit

Travel around the country like a local with Transit. This app helps you with all your transportation needs. It provides you with all the possible ways to get from point A to B, including buses, trains and bike shares. Transit is so precise, it will even tell you the exact bus stop to take the bus from and the train platform you need to wait for that particular train.

Available on iOS and Android, free. Find out more here.



10. Triposo

Triposo is like 10 apps rolled into one. Choose a destination, and it will provide you with all the info you need- from top sightseeing suggestions to weather forecast to currency converter. Triposo also lets you download maps and guides for you to use offline so you can wander without worry!

Available on iOS, Android, and Windows, free.  Find out more here.



11. Hostel World

Not all of smartphone owners can afford to stay in 5-star hotels. Hostel World is a directory of hostels and cheap hotels from 170 countries. With over 8 million guest reviews in total, I’m pretty sure you won’t end up in some dodgy accommodation ever again. The booking and paying process is really foolproof as well, making it an ideal app for the thrifty traveller.

Avaible for iOs and Android, free. Find out more here




12. Touchnote

True story: I once posted my meticulously prepared postcards into the dustbin thinking it was the mailbox. I mean, who knew that Çöp kovası is Turkish for dustbin right? 

Avoid all the hassle with Touchnote, all you have to do is select the picture and write a note, and it will print, write and post the cards for you! For as low as $3.50, this app does all the hard work for you. 

Available for iOS and Android, free. Find out more here



Touchnote II


With all these apps around, travelling is a breeze. No more carrying around heavy guidebooks around, or getting lost ever again, if you ask me! Forget about being an armchair traveler, now is the time to get out and explore – with your smartphones, of course.


Zenna Firdous
Zenna Firdous
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